About me

If you’re wondering who I am

I’m Fidalgo , a 23 years old self-taught Front-end developer , from Portugal .

After my college degree in "Communication & Multimedia", I got a job as a "developer", where I stayed for almost 2 years, but I only developed websites with Wordpress custom themes, and HTML & CSS… So I wasn’t learning and improving, I felt stuck.

In October 2018 I decided it was time for a change, so I started to wake up at 6am to study javascript before going into work. I quickly started to love Javascript, and in January 2019 I decided to take the risk and quit my job. I’ve been studying Front-end development full time ever since and I documented my whole journey on my Instagram.

During this time, I took online courses like Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More! The Complete Javascript Course, Javascript30, Understanding the Weird Parts, ES6, Modern React w/ Redux, React: The Complete Guide, Gatsby Bootcamp, read book series "You don’t know JS", and also watched countless youtube videos about Javascript.

Because we know the best way to learn is to practice, I also did a bunch of personal projects with the knowledge I gathered from the courses, you can check them on my portfolio. I even started my Youtube channel, where I already have some tutorials about React, Redux and Firebase.

I always want to learn more, do more, and be more. I’m also a firm believer that we should never settle.

I’m hard working, super curious, passionate, committed, and also a fast learner!

My current stack of languages/technologies is:



Check what I've been doing lately

Fidalgo Portfolio

This very website you're now watching. I wanted something fast and with good SEO for my portfolio, so a static website generator like Gatsby seemed like the best fit. It reads data from markdown files, so it's super easy for me to keep adding Portfolio items as I keep developing stuff. It also has a cool dark mode switch since I couldn't decide between a dark or light design.

React - Styled Components - Gatsby

Todos App w/ Firebase & Firestore

A todo App, where the user has the ability to Add/Edit/Delete todos. Todos are saved to the Firestore, so the user can basically login anywhere and have access to his todos. The App uses Firebase for the Authentication system, and the user is forced to verify his email before using the App. It's also possible to Re-send the verification email, recover the password and edit the user profile. I made a video series on my Youtube channel while creating the project.

React - Redux - Styled Components - Firebase & Firestore - Formik

Firebase Auth Boilerplate

I wanted to play around with Firebase Auth, so I made this simple boilerplate project. The user can Login, Logout and Register. After being logged in, the user has to verifiy is email in order to see protected pages. The user can also re-send the verification email if he deleted it, he can recover his password, and edit his account details. It's also possible for the user to Login/Register using his Google Account.

React - Redux - Styled Components - Firebase - Formik

Movie Library

A Movie Library made with React. This was my first project after finishing a React Course. It fetches information from an API, and displays it in a nice way. You also get recommended movies based on the one you're watching, and you can also click on an Actor, and check information about him/her as well as movies that same actor enters. it uses React Router, and fetches the movie based on the URL, so you can easily reload the page and the data will be still fetched. It also uses lazy loading on images, has error handling, and uses Redux to manage state(even tho I realize now with more experience that I probably didn't needed it). One of the projects I'm most proud of.

React - Redux - Styled Components

Weather App

A weather app, that gets user location, and fetches the current weather from an API. The user can then click on the location, and check the weather for the next 5 days. It's also possible to search for other locations, and add/remove them from favorites. Since the API only lets you download a huge .json file with all the locations available, I made a small REST API to get the locations, that is being used when the user searches for a location.

Vanilla javascript - SASS

Movie Library

A movie library made from scratch, using Vanilla JS. This project fetches data from an API when the user searches for a Movie. The user can then add the movie to his watched/watch later lists, and this information will be saved on localStorage. This project uses the MVC pattern.

Vanilla javascript - SASS


A simple app to manage your monthly budget. You can insert your income, and also your expenses, and it will calculate how much budget you have left for the month, and also shows the percentage that each expense took from your budget.

Vanilla Javascript

Contact me

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